Types of Flowers

∞ single flower = one flower attached to main stem

∞ inflorescence = cluster of flowers connected to stem, which is attached to main stem


∞ raceme = flowers on individual stems coming off main stem

∞ spike = flowers attached directly to stem, no pedicels

∞ panicle = more complex raceme, branching stems off the stems on the main stem

∞ umbel = cluster of flowers, pedicels come from one point

∞ compound umbel = branch at one point and then pedicels branch again

∞ corymb = pedicels do not come from one point and are all unequal lengths, but the flowers are all at the same level

∞ composite = cluster of tiny flowers (called florets) that looks like one flower, often have two types of florets: disc florets in center and ray florets on outside



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