Plant Parts

∞ axil = upper angle where leaf meets stem

∞ bract = modified leaf that grows around the base of a flower

∞ chaff = inedible parts that separate from grain after dried

∞ herbaceous = no perennial woody tissue above ground

∞ lateral bud = bud on side of stem

∞ leaf scar = mark where leaf used to be attached

∞ lenticel= spot on bark, air exchange

∞ meristem = zone of plant where cell division and growth occurs, apical at tip of branches, lateral under bark of branch

∞ midrib / midvein = prominent vein down center of leaf, called midrib when larger

∞ pedicel = stalk of individual flower in an inflorescence of multiple flowers

∞ peduncle = stalk of inflorescence

∞ petal = innermost set of modified leaves in flower

∞ petiole = stem of a leaf

∞ rachis = central axis of compound leaf or inflorescence

∞ rosette = circular set of leaves, usually at base of stem, often first year of perennial

∞ terminal bud = bud at end of stem

∞ node = spot on stem where one or more leaves come off from


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