Leaf Shapes


∞ lanceolate = longer than it is wide, wider at base and narrowing to tip

∞ ovate = similar to lanceolate in that it is wider at base and narrows to tip, but  shorter and wider

∞ elliptic = same width the entire length

∞ linear = much longer than wide, similar width entire length

∞ asymmetrical = both sides not the same

∞ lobed = extensions on leaf blade, typical of oak leaves

∞ palmate= hand-shaped with lobes

∞ divided= shape of lobed except indents go to the midrib, different from compound because all one leaf, each section is asymmetrical


∞ compound= leaf is made up of multiple small leaves, called leaflets

∞ pinnately compound= feather-like, many leaflets coming off in two rows on opposite sides of midvein, typical of ferns and legumes

∞ palmately compound= multiple leaflets coming from one point


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