About Me

My name is Nora Seymour and I just graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. I was in the Sustainable Food and Farming program and created this website as my thesis project.

I have always been fascinated by indigenous cultures, and I think this is what drew me to foraging. For thousands of years humans fulfilled all their needs by foraging and hunting in the ecosystem around them. Reading about the different uses they had for each plant, animal, or fungus and the harvest methods they practiced demonstrated how well they understood their environment. They had a deeper, and more reciprocal, relationship with the organisms they lived next to than I see in myself and my current culture. I believe that foraging is one step that can bring me closer to this type of relationship.

I am no foraging expert, but I used this project as a way for me to study the wild edibles that grow in this area. I also have been able to spend the spring going outside with other knowledgeable foragers, harvesting and eating a wide variety of plants and fungi. This website is not finished, but I aim for it to be a continuous project and to keep adding plants and mushrooms as I become familiar with more species. I hope this beginner’s guide can help you gain the courage to go forage for your health!


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