Why Forage?

1. It is healthy… Studies show that wild species hold more minerals and vitamins than their closest cultivated relative. Unless next to a pollution source, foraged food is by definition “organic”. Nature does not put chemicals into the soil, but instead builds fertility through natural systems and the land is not marginalized by human use.

2. It teaches how to live in tune with nature… Harvesting from your ecosystem reminds you that food comes from the Earth, not the supermarket. You become more connected to natural cycles by eating the same food that other organisms in the ecosystem eat. Foraging allows you to participate in the natural cycle on a more intimate level. It also practices the epitome of seasonality, eating exactly what nature intends to be eaten at that time of the season.

3. It is free… Foraging requires no money, just time. These plants and fungi are being produced no matter what, and harvesting them captures a currently underutilized resource.

4. Eating becomes an adventure… Yes, it may take some extra time, but it is fun! Foraging gets you outside and enjoying nature. And finding food on your hike is extremely rewarding.

5. We are evolutionarily adapted to foraging… Many of these food sources have been eaten by our ancestors for thousands of years. Although many people view foraging as unusual, it is good to keep in mind that for most of human history this is the only way we fed ourselves.



One response to “Why Forage?

  1. Probably off the topic of foraging, but my daughter and son-in-law operate Simple Gifts Farm in North Amherst. I am making a documentary movie on organic farming and your ideas may be part of that movie. if interested, contact me at TBBEQA@MAC.com

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